A CryoDAO Project

Ultrasound Heating for Cryogenic Recovery of Human Organs

Ultrasound Heating for Cryogenic Recovery of Human Organs
Dr. Ramón Risco
Funding Goals

$35,000 (part 1)
$300,000 (part 2)


Project Overview

One of the main constraints of cryopreservation is the difficulty in rewarming complex systems out of vitrification without inducing significant damage. This two part project will test and advance rewarming techniques based on breakthrough work from Dr. Ramón Risco. The project would use an arrangement of real time MRI guided ultrasound transfusers to uniformly warm a larger sample while achieving high warming rates. The first part of the project would fund a proof of principle to rewarm a smaller organ. If successful the second part of the project would scale up this technology (by increasing the arrangement of ultrasound transfusers) to allow for rewarming of larger samples potentially including human organs.


Rewarming large samples (larger tissues, whole organs, or whole organisms) from cryogenic temperatures is difficult due to multiple factors. Warming needs to be done in a uniform manner and faster than the so-called critical warming rate to allow for rewarming without ice crystal formation. Achieving these high warming rates is complex due to the ratio of surface area to volume in larger samples. It is vital to find novel solutions for rewarming to allow for successful long-term of organs and whole organisms.


Employing this novel rewarming technique might lead to a breakthrough in cryopreservation application. If this project is successful it may directly lead to the feasibility of long-term organ bio banking, providing a significant contribution to the problem of organ transplantation shortage.