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CryoDAO is the leading DAO funding research in the fields of cryopreservation, biostasis, and cryobiology. Our model is similar to VitaDAO, we plan to use all funds to fund research, and focus on advancing the projects we fund.

If you have a project in one of the mentioned fields and would like to apply for funding, submit your proposal by contacting our team.
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Ultrasound Heating for Cryogenic Recovery of Human Organs

One of the main constraints of cryopreservation is the difficultly in rewarming complex systems out of vitrification without inducing significant damage. This two part project will test and advance rewarming techniques based on break through work from Dr. Ramón Risco.
Funding goal -

$35,000 (part 1) $300,000 (part 2)

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Combination Medication Therapy for High-Quality Cryopreservation

Current human cryopreservation stabalizing protocols include cardio pulmonary support, rapid cooling, and medicine administrations. This project proposes a single multi-model stabilization solution that can depress cerebral metabolism, inhibit blood coagulation, and mitigate cerebral ischemia to significantly and relevantly improve the quality of the average cryopreservation case.
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