CRYO Governance Token

Become a member of CryoDAO

The CRYO token is integral to funding and governing cryopreservation research. By purchasing CRYO, you gain voting rights within our ecosystem, directly influencing funding decisions and strategic direction. Below you can find steps to securely acquire CRYO tokens and understand the token’s role in our governance structure.

Important: Please read the Token Disclaimer on our website for relevant information before buying CRYO or engaging in token transfers.

Buying CRYO - A beginner’s guide

1. Get a crypto wallet
To hold CRYO and vote on proposals, you will need a crypto wallet that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. We recommend using MetaMask.
Tip: Add the Metamask extension to your web browser so you can interact with web-based apps.
Download MetaMask
2. Buy ETH on Ramp
CRYO can only be purchased with another cryptocurrency. Tools like Ramp let you use your credit card to buy ETH, that you can later use to buy CRYO, and pay for network fees.
Tip: You must connect your wallet before transacting on Ramp. Only connect your wallet to sites you trust.
Buy ETH on Ramp Network
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3. Buy CRYO on Uniswap
Now it’s time to visit a decentralised exchange like Uniswap to purchase CRYO using your ETH. Once you have CRYO you can vote on proposals at
Tip: When you transact on the Ethereum chain, you will pay a network fee (‘gas’). Keep a little ETH aside for gas.
Safely buy CRYO here

The role of CRYO in the DAO

More than a governance token, CRYO is a digital representation of DAO membership, and underpins the incentive system that powers the CryoDAO engine. Holding CRYO connects you with our community network, grants early access to research developed through our projects, and is the key to unlocking the full value of our ecosystem through participation in the strategic decision making that advances our mission.
Govern the DAO
Token holders have the authority to vote on proposals, steering the allocation of funds to cryopreservation projects, and influencing the strategic direction of the DAO.
Participate in spinouts
Token ownership may offer utility by giving pro-rata access to contribute to underlying research projects through IP-tokens.
Earn incentives
Researchers, developers, and community members who contribute significantly to cryopreservation projects and DAO progress are rewarded in CRYO.
Access our research
Members may receive early or exclusive access to breakthroughs and data from CryoDAO-funded research, keeping them at the forefront of cryopreservation science.
Connect with our network
CRYO tokens offer entry into a network of experts, researchers, and enthusiasts in cryopreservation, facilitating collaboration and exchange of knowledge.


What is CryoDAO funding?

CryoDAO is funding high-impact cryopreservation & biostasis research. See our current projects here:

Researchers can apply by submitting an application on the Projects page.

Who can participate in CryoDAO?
What is $CRYO?

$CRYO is a governance token, serving solely for decision-making within the DAO. It does not represent an investment or an opportunity for economic gain. $CRYO holders should not expect any form of financial return from purchasing this token. Its purpose is exclusively to enable participation in governance decisions, without any implied promise of financial profit.

$CRYO enables token holders to:

  • Curate and fund high-impact cryopreservation research.

  • Incubate significant intellectual property in the field of cryopreservation.

  • Determine the governance of such intellectual property.

  • Govern the CryoDAO treasury.

How does voting with $CRYO tokens work?

Token holders can propose and vote on various proposals related to CryoDAO's operations and research funding. Each $CRYO token counts as one vote, and the majority decision of token holders is executed by the DAO. Work contributors can vote with vCRYO. You can vote on proposals for the DAO on Snapshot:

How do I create a proposal?

All verified token holders can create proposals in ⁠our Discord (📝ㆍdraft-proposals) to start to move them through the governance process as long as they follow the Discord rules.

How does CryoDAO ensure transparency and fairness in the governance process? 

All votes are recorded on the blockchain, providing a transparent and immutable record of governance actions. Additionally, CryoDAO may employ third-party audits and community oversight to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

What is the token contract address?

You can see the token contract addresses below:


Please verify these addresses to avoid any scams. You may need to add the token contract to your wallet manually to see it.

How does CryoDAO benefit from funding research?

In return for funding research, CryoDAO may get IP/commercialization rights and/or equity. Value created through the DAO’s work, including the funded project, flows back into the DAO to fund more research.

Can CRYO tokens be transferred?

CRYO tokens are transferable and can be found on decentralized exchanges where they are listed. Please read the Token Disclaimer on the CryoDAO website for relevant information before engaging in token transfers.

What happens to my votes if I transfer my CRYO tokens to someone else?

Once you transfer your CRYO tokens, the voting rights associated with those tokens also transfer to the new holder, who can then participate in CryoDAO governance.

Can I delegate my voting power if I own CRYO tokens but cannot actively participate?

CryoDAO may implement a delegation system in the future, where token holders can delegate their voting power to another trusted member who can vote on their behalf.

More questions? Join the CryoDAO discord server to speak to our contributors directly.

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