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The CryoDAO Mission

Interest in cryopreservation is higher than ever, but there still isn't enough research happening in the field. Even small amounts of attention could achieve significant advancements in the field, such as creating new cryoprotective agents to reduce toxicity, or creating different cryoprotection protocols based on ischemia.

CryoDAO's objective is to contribute to cryopreservation research projects that have a high potential to increase the quality and capabilities of cryopreservation.

The State of Cryopreservation Science Today

Cryopreservation has many current and potential applications in the space of organ or even human preservation. Research in this field has historically been low, but interest is steadily increasing. Read our overview to learn about the current state of research, and see the roadmap for scientific advancements that CryoDAO is contributing towards.

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